About JT Daylilies

Last Updated: 28 November 2015

Thank you to all who purchased our
cultivars in our last sale ! Am sure you are receiving as much pleasure from your daylily garden and we do from ours!

Spring has arrived, after a long, very cold Winter! If you are interested, check in again around March 2016 when we may
recommence selling excess stock

Please view our updated our Cultivar List document.

We have had a very busy year personally & unfortunately missed capturing the beauty of a significant number of our daylilies with our photos….the ones we did manage to take were in pots closer to our house…

We are located in Melbourne, Australia, with a passion for daylilies and wish to share the joy of daylily gardening by sharing photos taken in our small garden. Take some time and browse our galleries.  Melbourne’s summers can sometimes be not as hot as some of Australias other states, but thankfully, Victoria (as far as we know) is still rust free, as is our garden.

Daylilies are Winter, heat and drought hardy plants.

The individual daylily flower lasts only one day. However a single plant may produce over 50 flowers. This large number of flowers can extend the blooming period of a plant for several weeks and months.

At times we have a limited number of excess daylilies available, typically a couple of times a year.  But free to check at anytime as there may be stock at other times.   Please email us via our enquiry form on our Contact Us page if you are interested in any of our plants and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.